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Wednesday, July 6th, 2016
9:42 pm
Not doing so well with this.
Going kinda crazy. 40 minute classes post-exam were supposed to be a cakewalk. I mean, for fuck's sake, even Japanese teachers fuck off and show videos and chill. But right, I forgot I have 7 teachers to work with, and that Shinohara likes to let me know shit is going down two seconds before I'm supposed to rearrange my goddamn schedule, and she also likes to calmly suggest I pop in to extra classes and shit. Oh, on top of you taking charge of all of the Super English Camp prep work randomly, and trading classes for it, thanks a bunch, I just heard that we're supposed to prep them for the Oratorical Contest...when should we do that?


And this is after a day spent listening to Nishio ask questions late as fuck about Charlie the Unicorn, whether or not it is "popular" and whatnot, Matsudaira with her biweekly visit and muttering about H3 bullshit and Inui (!) dropping by to grease up my air. Miyashita decided to forget our little talk and straight up interrupted took over my class at various intervals, saying, that, maybe only since it was in front of guests, that "we need to show that it's not just the ALTs, but the JTEs working, too. That it is real Team-Teaching." So we show them by interrupting me and fucking up my shit?! I actually said something to him in class this time. I started with "let's take a look at this word here, poisonous. Now poison means what..." and he took over. Then I was giving fucking instructions to look at something and he interrupted and took over. Jesus Christ. I'm going to lose my fucking shit.

Shinohara, Hasegawa, Matsudaira, Nishio and Inui all let me do my thing. Murotani only gets in my way through ignorance. Miyashita gets bored and can't help it. Guy is as much or more of a control freak as I am and hates idle hands. Can't fucking help himself. He repeats what I'm saying AS I AM SAYING IT. And we fucking talked about this! I might just walk out of class next time it happens.

And of course I had my usual visits from Murotani, lunch with Karen and Ami, which was fun, and the usual joyless, cold, horrid experience with fucking Ozaki, the H2 student who decided to latch onto me last year and despite having Lydia as her ALT now keeps hounding me for her bullshit. Today was "for example" vs "for instance." And for my fifteen minutes of help given to her in my busy goddamn day, she doesn't even say thank you. Just Aspy's on out of the office. Fuck me.

Weekend was fine. Got drunk on sangria Saturday with Sachi, Mikanyan and Taomo-kun. Fondue party and such. Futsal for the first time since May on Friday...wasn't bed. Scored five goals I think? Fucked around a lot, had fun for the first time in a while. Been weightlifting as much as ever, but my cutting is making me very dark, very touchy and very angry, so all of the stress of the bullshit and people wanting things and asking favors and changing things and whatever else is amplified by like 100x. I am a powderkeg. I don't like it, but if I don't get rid of this stomach so people will shut the fuck up about it, I'm going to start breaking faces. Holy shit, Wisconsin cannot come fast enough.

Why do I do this again?

Hoping to hang out with Shimada on Friday, chill with Sachi all weekend, and maybe Eri next week Friday. That'd be nice.

Current Mood: FUCK
Monday, June 27th, 2016
7:47 pm
Monday, June 27th, 2016
Weird day. The Re-invigoration of My Shopping Mania continued today with trips to Uniqlo, Orihica, H+M, Urban Research, The Suit Company, Crysta Nagahori's shoe repair place, and the bank. Bought a second pair of these grey shorts I like at H+M, a cotton hippie oxford button down in beigeish, espadrilles (a first!), a silver feather bangle, two pairs of airism underwear, a black belt, a tan belt and some Mowbray shoe cleaner for my poor Fred Perry Hopman's.

Otherwise today was whatever. Exams...Erica and Lydia went off with the exchange students to Himeji Castle. I weightlifted (112.5 deadlift 8-8-6...got sketchy on the last rep.) Chatted a bit, found out that I had, for the first time ever, completely missed a lesson (Vision Quest 1, chapter 3B) with class 1-5 (Hasegawa is their HR teacher, Shinohara the JTE.) Miyashita got all condescending and putting on airs in his gentle, but infuriating way...saying it was a failure of the JTEs to be involved cuz I'm too good or something, hence why he feels like he has to be involved a lot...except that by "involved" he just repeats shit I say WHILE I'M SAYING IT, tries to adjust things and panics in the middle of the lesson even though it's my fourth time doing it...dude cannot handle students taking a second to figure shit out. I finally was able to talk to him about it last week, he was all mournful and shit...but he seems to be confusing "reading the fucking lesson plans" with "meddling and unable to take a back seat" as "being involved." Gonna have to either clarify that with him (NO NO NO NO NO) or just see what happens and shit. Said I'd return to using weekly schedules (which I had since I got here, but got out of the habit this year due to malaise and fail.) and whatnot, but he kept intimating that it was really all Shinohara's fault. Guh. Gonna have to cut this all off before it gets too far. Cannot have him thinking this is license to fuck with my shit.

At Sachi's now. Dinner time and Game of Thrones...Season 6, Episode 10. I, of course, read the spoilers. But it still gonna be exciting. Brexit, Trump, rain falling early as crap today...exciting times.
Sunday, June 26th, 2016
12:16 am
6 years and my brain is turning to mush. Gotta start keeping track of things.
Friday had my usual two classes...Inui is a bizarre frog lady, second period was text as usual but me forgetting we hadn't finished some stuff (Communication - Reading Explorer, Chapter Two, Who Gives a Fuck About Extreme Sports.) Shinohara requested I come in at fourth period to do my Communication stuff with class 8, cuz Thursday was a random rain keihou (and it was actually a really nice day...tree limb down at school, though, so, uh, I guess worthy of a keihou?) so I burned through my upper body workout and snuck into class. I had my standard Gatsby body wipe shower, and I smelled pretty strong, so Mako Kawabata was like OMG WTF BODY STUFF SMELL and covered her face. I was messing around, and she happened to mention that her father uses the same stuff. Turns out he's 41. Huh. Feel old.

Friday night rain, beers, CRAZY wind and rain, lots of losing on Tanks (it's a downturn, play purple, lose. play potato, lose. whatevs.) Saturday sleep forever, lazy, loving, lunch, long ass nap with Sachi, up again, bath cuz of massive DOMS, Italian restaurant (raining again.) Olive moriawase, nama hamu moriawase...both probably from Life lol. Oil boiled seafood bowl and baguettes, pasta comes...her with the carbonara with yuzu koshou, chicken and mushrooms, me with bacon and spinach. Decent. Sangria...likely from a bottle. Not bad. Two glasses. Bike home, ladies in fluffy flower skirts and other basic bitch patterns getting out of Orikkusu concert joint, see people at Rock Star, women looking 100% right, tall and in expensive dresses, out to kill, or at least meet some rich boys. Grocery store, yellow watermelon and 0 calorie jelly thingies with coconut junk, home. More tank losses, still playing blue. Correcting papers a bit, mulling around about how my memories are fading...can't remember Milwaukee that well, even. Last three years at Mukojo a blur. Time to start putting this crap back on...uh...electrons?

Homework I'm correcting was way too difficult for the new Ko Ichi, but about memories...Sachi confirmed East Asian memory lateness (their focus on family, community and society puts less emphasis on individual) as hers is from 5 years oldish. Mine are from two or three (Neenah...burning hand on stove, on Hechinger, cookies from the neighbors, the opossum, the house and little building, general neighborhood feeling.) Maori earliest at two cuz of oral history traditions and personal history focus, Euro-American three or four cuz of personal focus.

Rainy still...night creeping up. Up to 82.5 7 times on bench. Stomach still big. Gotta cut harder, but wanna eat too much. Bulk went too well lol.

Home in three weeks.
Sunday, July 25th, 2010
3:21 am
2 Years in, man.
This week, two years in Japan. No use writing a summary now, or possibly ever on this, but today was pretty much the epitome of two years of work; me, a bunch of Japanese, three other foreigners, fireworks, beer, small fireworks, a house of another foreigner who wasn't there under our feet and lots of laughter. And yukatas. Followed by a drive home with a big moon and a beautiful sky, a fox, a boar and a bunch of deer. After seeing two yankees racing their cars down a city street.
Monday, February 2nd, 2009
6:02 pm
I'd Write About Japan Right Now
But I'm gonna try to actually get these Christmas presents organized (February, yeah) and go to the Onsen and eat some yakiniku. So. Japan.
Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
9:52 pm
Has nothing to do with this post.

One of my classmates from the School of Education has this in her facebook profile as her work:

Milton Middle School
Teacher (PERMANANT) :)

Ohhhhh yeah.
Monday, December 24th, 2007
5:08 pm
Sick four times and no time to drive.
Well then.

It's been since May.

Let's see....

Won the tourny with the Saudi team against the team I hand-picked. That was fun.

Were the Evil Empire in the MSC soccer league and lost the championship on a freak goal in the last minute when I left the field to get some more offense on. The Rebel Alliance, who we had beaten by ridiculous scores twice, celebrated with beers. It was nice for them...a classic sports movie sort of result. They bought us pitchers later. Cheers.

That was summer, though...

Worked for the Parks again...led the wonderful little Sesame Street crew...Jenna (bisexual), Xiong (Hmong), Matt (deaf...pothead...wee!) and oh my god, did I really forget his name? Well, he was black. And big. And into anime...which was a frequent topic we all shared (except Jenna, who just shook her head) Good stuff. I think it was Jamel or something. I can't believe I forgot his name; this confirms I'm an ass. We were a fucking sweet group...mouse babies and snake fences and flooding and all sorts of shit.

Less of a focus on invasives, but hey, it's fun to be in charge.

Soccer less so, wanted to meet people and make friends and get a girl...joined MNSC, and fell in love with it (yay), and made lots of friends and did only one out of three Free Markets (Fargo, yo!) and had a sweet time...hooked up with and am still with Heidi C. Heimerl...that's fun.

Soccer again in the fall while I almost dropped out...and then turned into a teaching machine, and worked harder than I've ever worked in my life...and lo, I am a teacher.

For real, mang.

Victory School, K-8, 7th grade. Ms. Uszler's class. Mr. Pockat is my name. or Mr. Bobcat. Or Mr. Anderson. Or Mr. Poh-kit. 29 kids. 13 Hispanic (11 Native Spanish speakers), 8 black, 1 African (Liberia, voodoo scars, Charles Taylor personally destroyed the life of), 1 Palestinian, 1 Indian (Kerala, Christian, Malayalam, sarcastic...lent my Ramayana), 2 Filipino (they assume I know the swearwords and won't say 'em cuz I know some honorifics and know the food...heh, sweet shit), 1 Laotian and 4 white kids. A tiny little world, a community, a family. Badass. 5 languages.

1 month left.

Sick three times this fall so far...right now. Stress and 29 disease factories. Yuck.

I graduated last Sunday. But I'm still in school.

I need a job.

I got another second place UWM Men's Intramural Soccer League finish. With the Royal Team (Saudi Arabians) this time. We beat United twice in a row. How about that for a trade-up?

Vincent is my roommate now. Frenchie from Paris. Everybody says we're brothers. It's a good time. Fun guy...my family wants to keep him. Plays Starcraft, talks shit, drinks like a fish and is a polite guy with good stories and a positive attitude.

Hang out with mostly Heidi, Danielle and Vincent...when I hang out, which has been rare because I'm a lesson-planning and teaching machine who goes to bed by 10 pm.

And doesn't fall asleep til 2.

The Packers are 12-3.

I saw a coyote in the city.

I tried to kill some deer, but really sucked at it.

I applied for Japan.

I learned Kata and Hira fluently and then forget it as student teaching wore on. All the kanji is gone but Watashi wa, Nihongo and Nihon. Sad.

Yahaira spent three days of last week jokingly trying to get me to adopt her. Moderately disturbing...I had mentioned to Heidi before that if I could have a daughter, I'd have Yahaira as one (and hope my daughter has some of her qualities) Weird. Had to stop that from being brought up...kinda strange.

With that thought in mind, I hope my sons someday are as funny and energetic and good-hearted and curious as Marcus or Tawian. Or as altogether badass as Brady (Marcus is the animal-obsessed, chitterlings-craving half-and-half squirt with the size 9 puppy feet and the endless curiosity...but needs improvement in his behavior...and Tawian is the dark-as-night, head shaved with designs carved super-jive-talking big-hearted dynamo who is as genuine as genuine gets...Brady is big, Filipino, polite, kind and way into anime and still classy and chill as hell...who doesn't love Brady? He's basically Mark Vitor, only less a ladies man and into hardcore music...oh, and Half-Chinese)

A lot of people say that teaching is the best birth control...not my class. I hope that when I teach, I can make a classroom as warm and family-ish as ours is...Ms. Uszler, while at first I thought she was crazy and a bitch...now we're partners in crime in the class, and I definitely have a lot of affection and respect for her, my mentor. She's energetic, passionate and over-the-top emotionally, but she cares for her students more than anything else in the world...and has taught me a lot. I have the stuff you can't learn (energy, passion, creativity, charisma, flow, adaptability, curiosity), but now I've seen how to create a family, how to create structure and how to manage.

It shall be so.

Spanish and Japanese.

Costa Rica?

Elume still runs strong.

Eve rocks.

I brought in Vincent to speak about France and my mom to teach hula hooping.

And now Heidi is doing it, too.

I need more music, more art, more exercise, more soccer and to read some of these damn books I keep piling on.

Starting with Sartre and Islam.

Dancing is something I do now publicly.

At benefit shows or at my house.

We gots the music.

Now we need the costumes.

New Year's Eve.


Yes indeed.

Life is good.

I really need to get into shape, though.


And grow my hair a little longer.

Current Mood: sick
Tuesday, May 15th, 2007
12:37 pm
Aw, that's so sweet.
The past week has been pretty tight. Lots of nice weather, good people, good soccer, and good times.

Now, Jerry Falwell's body has pwned itself. How considerate!


That's one fatfuck evil asshole down. Only like, I dunno, fifteen prominent fatfuck assholes to go. Let's start with Limbaugh, eh, heart disease?
Saturday, May 5th, 2007
4:12 pm
We got one, at least.
Well, Spring Intramural involvement has come to an end. 3-4 overall and no playoff berth, with my Co-Ed team (Flying High), 5-4 and 2nd place overall with my Sunday Men's Team (Only six people showed up for the championship game, wtf? We didn't do shabby, considering we were playing the UWM Club Team, who play college teams...5-1 undermanned isn't bad). And for the Friday tournament, I joined the Saudi Falcons to defeat the very team I constructed, Fisted FC, by a series of 3 games 2-1, with a 5-1 record overall and the Championship shirt. They were formidable in the first game, managing to tie us 2-2 at the last second and secure a victory via shootout, but DMA's injury, and the subsequent disappearance of his badass friend, crippled them, allowing us to defeat them 5-1 in the rematch, and 5-0 in the final-final, where Dave "FIB Bastard Stereotypical Prick" Barack busted his shit, and insulted the ref in the brilliant tradition of Andrew the Venezuelan Fanboy, promptly being the second member of my former squad to be kicked out of the gym in two days. And Polish wonders why I switched allegiances, other than for the sheer fun of creating a dominant team and playing on the other.

MSC stands at 3-0 so far. We have outscored our opponents 11-3. That's nothing compared to the Saudi Falcons in the tourney...we put up 11 goals against the first team alone. Ridiculous.

However, my UWM intramural record stands as thus for 2006-2007:

Co-Ed Fall Fisted FC - 4-1 (Indianapolis Colts-style collapse in the Playoffs to a team we already beat very badly)
Co-Ed Flying High - 3-4, Loss in First Round Playoffs
Men's United - 5-4, 2nd Place (two overtime fuckover games)
Saudi Falcons - 5-1, Champions (overtime Loss)

17 Wins, 10 Losses.

It's going to be better next year. I'm going to hopefully join forces with the Saudis in the Sunday league...and if that doesn't work out, I'll stick with Ting and his United. I'm not sure if I'll play on Flying High again...if I do, I'm going to need to be more assertive, and at the same time, more easygoing. I might just reform Fisted FC, this time better, stronger, with Saudi Power, no matter what Polish says. FC Terrorists my ass.

If not Flying High, then Fisted FC 2.0, Saudi Arabia-America United:
Mohammed the Saudi Goalie

Rachel? (it'd be Wednesday or Thursday nights)
that Kim chick that Mohammed dates

otherwise a resurrection of the old squad could be in order. Either way. It'd almost be unfair how badass we'd be if it was the Saudi-American Alliance. That's not a bad name for it.
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
9:33 pm
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Jan Pease and her daughter Lindsay look over a Bible in the living room of their Columbus, Ga., home Saturday, April 28, 2007. Lindsay attends Northside High School in Columbus where the Muscogee County School Board voted last week April 23, 2007 to offer elective classes on the Old Testament and New Testament starting next fall. 'It's important to understand religion; it's something we've gotten too far away from,' said Jan Pease. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
Friday, April 27th, 2007
11:50 pm
Championships Ahoy!
In the Friday Men's Indoor Tourny, I play on the Saudi Falcons. I created Fisted FC and then left it in Peyton's charge. Then, we went on playing in the Tournament. Last week, we met.

It was a tough game, and very, very good. Dustin MA and his buddy were major factors in their matching our strengths. We were up 2-1 until the last minute or so; one of DMA's additions crossed it, and Peyton, soaring through the air like an eagle, placed it in the net for the tie.

The golden goal overtime was for naught; we shot at least 5 times on goal to their 2. Then, the shootout. They win it.

So, Polish sends me a clip of Saudi Arabia losing to Germany 8-0, as well as "you should name your team FC Terrorist!"

So. Tonight. Vindication. We beat the other contender 6-1 in a very physical match, and then proceed to go for the rematch with Fisted FC. DMA broke himself against my team, United, last Sunday, and was out, and so were his cronies. We proceeded to lay the beatdown on Fisted FC, 5-1. Polish got yellowcarded within five minutes (he plays extra dirty against the Saudis), and at one point when I tried to say hi, "don't fucking talk to me." We ended up colliding a few times, including me hacking the bejesus out of him and him taking a huge shot which I blocked with my back. Got the prints still.

Our teams both received a total of around 6 yellow cards, and one red for the Venezeula fanboy Andrew, one of the lake stalwarts, who chose to talk shit, and very gnarly, gnarly shit, to the ref, including calling him a fucker and all sorts of fun stuff.

Next week, the final championship game, as they have to lose twice to really lose, and we've only beaten them once. It's gonna be a tough one. Polish won't talk to me. I was considering sending him a Polish defeat video...and there's a lot of them.

This Sunday is also my 8v8 Men's Indoor League Championship...it's against the UWM Club team, who regularly play Division II and III schools. We lost last time 3-1 in an intense game...it's gonna be a badass set of games next week.


School sucks.
Sunday, April 22nd, 2007
7:13 pm
Druze Druze Druze Whose?
Eh, this and that mostly. Last week taught a 4 day unit on Iraq...an overview and history first day, Islam the second, Iraqi culture/traditions and religon the third, and the Iraq War and Media's Role on the fourth. The kids were actually really responsive, and we had a lot of discussion...I used a lot of pictures, some sweet videos (CNN's movie-like ROAD TO BAGHDAD, the amazing Voices of Iraq, Doshka Faqiri (a kurdish rapper, look him up on youtube, for the lulz), a glimpse of Ashura and a video made by Muslims to explain their religion, with beautiful music and imagery.

Next week we teach Biomes and attempt to do a 4 day math unit utilizing that information. Fuckin' A.

Won a soccer game today in the MSC league, got another for tonight (men's league playoff!), and my birthday was on Thursday. Woo. Spent all yesterday chilling at the McConnell house, though for most of the evening I was bored out of my gizzard, that is, until a bunch of people showed up, and it was chill. Ryan went to a hardcore scenester kid party next door, got a beer thrown at him and generally made an ass of himself. They don't deal well with drunk hippies trying to offer people Leinenkugels. He was unbelievably fuck-wasted, and messed up his knee after falling down.

Went to a bunch of art galleries in Riverwest for part of yesterday, which was nice. I'd like to go peruse the 3rd Ward soon. The Riverwest ones were...hit and miss, mostly. Not a whole lot of ingenuity, but there were a few awesome pieces.

Reading Letters from the Earth by Twain. Hawt. Kafka, too, and A People's History of the United States. The Metamorphosis was not entirely mind-blowing (though visceral and bizarre, of course), but I reallllllyyyy liked "The Judgement." I've yet to see the true genius, however.

Meanwhile, Anberlin and Idlewild are good fun.
Thursday, April 12th, 2007
2:50 pm
Kafka and Zinn and Aquafina and PBR and Motorola and Yellow Pages and Scrabble and a little Idlewild
"An adolescent female Tyrannosaurus rex died 68 million years ago, but its bones still contain intact soft tissue, including the oldest preserved proteins ever found, scientists say.

And a comparison of the protein's chemical structure to a slew of other species showed an evolutionary link between T. rex and chickens, bolstering the idea that birds evolved from dinosaurs."


And that's why I'm going to keep eating them feathery bastids. Cuz if they were big enough, they'd eat me.

And it also makes me wanna eat a T-Rex if they ever clone one, because it would be delicious.

Car still broke, Kafka is as good as they say, Zinn makes me wanna secede from the US, Aquafina is prolly tap water the same as I popped back in there, PBR is swill, Motorola is cheap, the Yellow Pages are fucked and Scrabble is fun.
Friday, March 30th, 2007
9:09 pm
Thursday, March 29th, 2007
7:30 pm

The Mayans were a bunch of pyramid queefs who stuck stingray bards into various orifices.

What is it with all of these retards and thinking that's when the world is gonna end?

Fucking planet alignment.
Tuesday, March 20th, 2007
11:22 pm
Wednesday, March 14th, 2007
3:13 pm
Eyes Closed, Mouth should be Shut.
Tonight I go out
To teach haiku to fellows
I will make you proud

Sister Pretentious
Walks in circles crying out
The dust clogs her pores
Sunday, March 11th, 2007
10:07 pm
Arbeit Mach Frei, Stupid Germans.
My men's team, United, played the german squad, Scheinbeinknacker (it means Shin Breaker or something), which features our friend and MSC ref Kerem. Well, we played brilliantly the first half, smothering the shit out of them, not giving them a single shot, and putting 2 goals in. I played stellarly.

Second half started retardedly. Our otherwise solid right midfielder Julian passed it to their best player when he was deep in our defense; he got past our only liability (Shalah or something), and put it in with ease, not thirty seconds after the first whistle. Then, they got a very much earned goal about a minute later. 2-2. Then we buckled down, and beat the tar out of them again, but couldn't put the ball in the net. I personally almost broke Kerem's nose by deflecting a long-ass into his face with my foot, but then the half ended...with them getting nary a shot on goal. Then overtime...twenty seconds in, they deliver a buncing pass down our right side. Shalah fails bigtiemz, and I go charging in for a leaping header...only to utterly pwn their right forward even as I head the ball away from him. The ref, Rosov, who makes life miserable for me whenever he can, calls for a penalty kick, stating that I "didn't even know where the ball was." in regards to my pwning of their stupid forward (Who the other ref would later tell me in real life was "out of control...it honestly could have gone either way.") Golden goal overtime. Dubious penalty on incidental pwnage. Penalty shot. They win.

Their best player even said to me as consolation "man, that might have been a penalty in a first half with real refs, but not in overtime. that's bad luck." What the shit. My team was very supportive. I did my best.

Now we're 3-2, and face two very good teams. I think we'll still make the playoffs if we lose even both of those, but still. What the fuck. Scheinbeinknacker now has a chance to make the playoffs...and they didn't earn it. they won on luck.

Life is still rad, though.
Thursday, March 8th, 2007
4:17 pm
Sharky Dayspring
At 2:30 this morning, something killed a cat behind my house, under my window.

There was hissing and altogether pissiness at 2 am. Then at 2:30, cat-death-screams filled my dreams and woke me up; that cat was getting its ass totally kicked, and it was screaming its guts out; it ended within a minute or two, but from what it sounded like it, it was getting seriously mauled.

I heard something snarl at it, but it wasn't any dog I've ever heard.

Monday, March 5th, 2007
11:59 pm
Anata-no namae wa desu ka?
I am really sore.

And have shoe prints on my shins.

And went to the most inane class in history tonight.

And had a weird day in my placement class today.

And want some soup and bread right now.

Or a salad.

I learned that if you run too many miles, your nipples bleed.

But I learned that from my friend Liviu, who is training for a marathon. I don't run.

I play soccer.

Which is why I'm really sore.

And have shoe sprints on my shins.

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