Rocco the Pirate (ghostofhithlum) wrote,
Rocco the Pirate

Championships Ahoy!

In the Friday Men's Indoor Tourny, I play on the Saudi Falcons. I created Fisted FC and then left it in Peyton's charge. Then, we went on playing in the Tournament. Last week, we met.

It was a tough game, and very, very good. Dustin MA and his buddy were major factors in their matching our strengths. We were up 2-1 until the last minute or so; one of DMA's additions crossed it, and Peyton, soaring through the air like an eagle, placed it in the net for the tie.

The golden goal overtime was for naught; we shot at least 5 times on goal to their 2. Then, the shootout. They win it.

So, Polish sends me a clip of Saudi Arabia losing to Germany 8-0, as well as "you should name your team FC Terrorist!"

So. Tonight. Vindication. We beat the other contender 6-1 in a very physical match, and then proceed to go for the rematch with Fisted FC. DMA broke himself against my team, United, last Sunday, and was out, and so were his cronies. We proceeded to lay the beatdown on Fisted FC, 5-1. Polish got yellowcarded within five minutes (he plays extra dirty against the Saudis), and at one point when I tried to say hi, "don't fucking talk to me." We ended up colliding a few times, including me hacking the bejesus out of him and him taking a huge shot which I blocked with my back. Got the prints still.

Our teams both received a total of around 6 yellow cards, and one red for the Venezeula fanboy Andrew, one of the lake stalwarts, who chose to talk shit, and very gnarly, gnarly shit, to the ref, including calling him a fucker and all sorts of fun stuff.

Next week, the final championship game, as they have to lose twice to really lose, and we've only beaten them once. It's gonna be a tough one. Polish won't talk to me. I was considering sending him a Polish defeat video...and there's a lot of them.

This Sunday is also my 8v8 Men's Indoor League's against the UWM Club team, who regularly play Division II and III schools. We lost last time 3-1 in an intense's gonna be a badass set of games next week.


School sucks.
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