Rocco the Pirate (ghostofhithlum) wrote,
Rocco the Pirate

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Weird day. The Re-invigoration of My Shopping Mania continued today with trips to Uniqlo, Orihica, H+M, Urban Research, The Suit Company, Crysta Nagahori's shoe repair place, and the bank. Bought a second pair of these grey shorts I like at H+M, a cotton hippie oxford button down in beigeish, espadrilles (a first!), a silver feather bangle, two pairs of airism underwear, a black belt, a tan belt and some Mowbray shoe cleaner for my poor Fred Perry Hopman's.

Otherwise today was whatever. Exams...Erica and Lydia went off with the exchange students to Himeji Castle. I weightlifted (112.5 deadlift sketchy on the last rep.) Chatted a bit, found out that I had, for the first time ever, completely missed a lesson (Vision Quest 1, chapter 3B) with class 1-5 (Hasegawa is their HR teacher, Shinohara the JTE.) Miyashita got all condescending and putting on airs in his gentle, but infuriating way...saying it was a failure of the JTEs to be involved cuz I'm too good or something, hence why he feels like he has to be involved a lot...except that by "involved" he just repeats shit I say WHILE I'M SAYING IT, tries to adjust things and panics in the middle of the lesson even though it's my fourth time doing it...dude cannot handle students taking a second to figure shit out. I finally was able to talk to him about it last week, he was all mournful and shit...but he seems to be confusing "reading the fucking lesson plans" with "meddling and unable to take a back seat" as "being involved." Gonna have to either clarify that with him (NO NO NO NO NO) or just see what happens and shit. Said I'd return to using weekly schedules (which I had since I got here, but got out of the habit this year due to malaise and fail.) and whatnot, but he kept intimating that it was really all Shinohara's fault. Guh. Gonna have to cut this all off before it gets too far. Cannot have him thinking this is license to fuck with my shit.

At Sachi's now. Dinner time and Game of Thrones...Season 6, Episode 10. I, of course, read the spoilers. But it still gonna be exciting. Brexit, Trump, rain falling early as crap today...exciting times.
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