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Not doing so well with this.

Going kinda crazy. 40 minute classes post-exam were supposed to be a cakewalk. I mean, for fuck's sake, even Japanese teachers fuck off and show videos and chill. But right, I forgot I have 7 teachers to work with, and that Shinohara likes to let me know shit is going down two seconds before I'm supposed to rearrange my goddamn schedule, and she also likes to calmly suggest I pop in to extra classes and shit. Oh, on top of you taking charge of all of the Super English Camp prep work randomly, and trading classes for it, thanks a bunch, I just heard that we're supposed to prep them for the Oratorical Contest...when should we do that?


And this is after a day spent listening to Nishio ask questions late as fuck about Charlie the Unicorn, whether or not it is "popular" and whatnot, Matsudaira with her biweekly visit and muttering about H3 bullshit and Inui (!) dropping by to grease up my air. Miyashita decided to forget our little talk and straight up interrupted took over my class at various intervals, saying, that, maybe only since it was in front of guests, that "we need to show that it's not just the ALTs, but the JTEs working, too. That it is real Team-Teaching." So we show them by interrupting me and fucking up my shit?! I actually said something to him in class this time. I started with "let's take a look at this word here, poisonous. Now poison means what..." and he took over. Then I was giving fucking instructions to look at something and he interrupted and took over. Jesus Christ. I'm going to lose my fucking shit.

Shinohara, Hasegawa, Matsudaira, Nishio and Inui all let me do my thing. Murotani only gets in my way through ignorance. Miyashita gets bored and can't help it. Guy is as much or more of a control freak as I am and hates idle hands. Can't fucking help himself. He repeats what I'm saying AS I AM SAYING IT. And we fucking talked about this! I might just walk out of class next time it happens.

And of course I had my usual visits from Murotani, lunch with Karen and Ami, which was fun, and the usual joyless, cold, horrid experience with fucking Ozaki, the H2 student who decided to latch onto me last year and despite having Lydia as her ALT now keeps hounding me for her bullshit. Today was "for example" vs "for instance." And for my fifteen minutes of help given to her in my busy goddamn day, she doesn't even say thank you. Just Aspy's on out of the office. Fuck me.

Weekend was fine. Got drunk on sangria Saturday with Sachi, Mikanyan and Taomo-kun. Fondue party and such. Futsal for the first time since May on Friday...wasn't bed. Scored five goals I think? Fucked around a lot, had fun for the first time in a while. Been weightlifting as much as ever, but my cutting is making me very dark, very touchy and very angry, so all of the stress of the bullshit and people wanting things and asking favors and changing things and whatever else is amplified by like 100x. I am a powderkeg. I don't like it, but if I don't get rid of this stomach so people will shut the fuck up about it, I'm going to start breaking faces. Holy shit, Wisconsin cannot come fast enough.

Why do I do this again?

Hoping to hang out with Shimada on Friday, chill with Sachi all weekend, and maybe Eri next week Friday. That'd be nice.
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