Rocco the Pirate (ghostofhithlum) wrote,
Rocco the Pirate

Arbeit Mach Frei, Stupid Germans.

My men's team, United, played the german squad, Scheinbeinknacker (it means Shin Breaker or something), which features our friend and MSC ref Kerem. Well, we played brilliantly the first half, smothering the shit out of them, not giving them a single shot, and putting 2 goals in. I played stellarly.

Second half started retardedly. Our otherwise solid right midfielder Julian passed it to their best player when he was deep in our defense; he got past our only liability (Shalah or something), and put it in with ease, not thirty seconds after the first whistle. Then, they got a very much earned goal about a minute later. 2-2. Then we buckled down, and beat the tar out of them again, but couldn't put the ball in the net. I personally almost broke Kerem's nose by deflecting a long-ass into his face with my foot, but then the half ended...with them getting nary a shot on goal. Then overtime...twenty seconds in, they deliver a buncing pass down our right side. Shalah fails bigtiemz, and I go charging in for a leaping header...only to utterly pwn their right forward even as I head the ball away from him. The ref, Rosov, who makes life miserable for me whenever he can, calls for a penalty kick, stating that I "didn't even know where the ball was." in regards to my pwning of their stupid forward (Who the other ref would later tell me in real life was "out of honestly could have gone either way.") Golden goal overtime. Dubious penalty on incidental pwnage. Penalty shot. They win.

Their best player even said to me as consolation "man, that might have been a penalty in a first half with real refs, but not in overtime. that's bad luck." What the shit. My team was very supportive. I did my best.

Now we're 3-2, and face two very good teams. I think we'll still make the playoffs if we lose even both of those, but still. What the fuck. Scheinbeinknacker now has a chance to make the playoffs...and they didn't earn it. they won on luck.

Life is still rad, though.
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