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Kafka and Zinn and Aquafina and PBR and Motorola and Yellow Pages and Scrabble and a little Idlewild

"An adolescent female Tyrannosaurus rex died 68 million years ago, but its bones still contain intact soft tissue, including the oldest preserved proteins ever found, scientists say.

And a comparison of the protein's chemical structure to a slew of other species showed an evolutionary link between T. rex and chickens, bolstering the idea that birds evolved from dinosaurs."

And that's why I'm going to keep eating them feathery bastids. Cuz if they were big enough, they'd eat me.

And it also makes me wanna eat a T-Rex if they ever clone one, because it would be delicious.

Car still broke, Kafka is as good as they say, Zinn makes me wanna secede from the US, Aquafina is prolly tap water the same as I popped back in there, PBR is swill, Motorola is cheap, the Yellow Pages are fucked and Scrabble is fun.
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