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Eh, this and that mostly. Last week taught a 4 day unit on overview and history first day, Islam the second, Iraqi culture/traditions and religon the third, and the Iraq War and Media's Role on the fourth. The kids were actually really responsive, and we had a lot of discussion...I used a lot of pictures, some sweet videos (CNN's movie-like ROAD TO BAGHDAD, the amazing Voices of Iraq, Doshka Faqiri (a kurdish rapper, look him up on youtube, for the lulz), a glimpse of Ashura and a video made by Muslims to explain their religion, with beautiful music and imagery.

Next week we teach Biomes and attempt to do a 4 day math unit utilizing that information. Fuckin' A.

Won a soccer game today in the MSC league, got another for tonight (men's league playoff!), and my birthday was on Thursday. Woo. Spent all yesterday chilling at the McConnell house, though for most of the evening I was bored out of my gizzard, that is, until a bunch of people showed up, and it was chill. Ryan went to a hardcore scenester kid party next door, got a beer thrown at him and generally made an ass of himself. They don't deal well with drunk hippies trying to offer people Leinenkugels. He was unbelievably fuck-wasted, and messed up his knee after falling down.

Went to a bunch of art galleries in Riverwest for part of yesterday, which was nice. I'd like to go peruse the 3rd Ward soon. The Riverwest ones were...hit and miss, mostly. Not a whole lot of ingenuity, but there were a few awesome pieces.

Reading Letters from the Earth by Twain. Hawt. Kafka, too, and A People's History of the United States. The Metamorphosis was not entirely mind-blowing (though visceral and bizarre, of course), but I reallllllyyyy liked "The Judgement." I've yet to see the true genius, however.

Meanwhile, Anberlin and Idlewild are good fun.
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