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We got one, at least.

Well, Spring Intramural involvement has come to an end. 3-4 overall and no playoff berth, with my Co-Ed team (Flying High), 5-4 and 2nd place overall with my Sunday Men's Team (Only six people showed up for the championship game, wtf? We didn't do shabby, considering we were playing the UWM Club Team, who play college teams...5-1 undermanned isn't bad). And for the Friday tournament, I joined the Saudi Falcons to defeat the very team I constructed, Fisted FC, by a series of 3 games 2-1, with a 5-1 record overall and the Championship shirt. They were formidable in the first game, managing to tie us 2-2 at the last second and secure a victory via shootout, but DMA's injury, and the subsequent disappearance of his badass friend, crippled them, allowing us to defeat them 5-1 in the rematch, and 5-0 in the final-final, where Dave "FIB Bastard Stereotypical Prick" Barack busted his shit, and insulted the ref in the brilliant tradition of Andrew the Venezuelan Fanboy, promptly being the second member of my former squad to be kicked out of the gym in two days. And Polish wonders why I switched allegiances, other than for the sheer fun of creating a dominant team and playing on the other.

MSC stands at 3-0 so far. We have outscored our opponents 11-3. That's nothing compared to the Saudi Falcons in the tourney...we put up 11 goals against the first team alone. Ridiculous.

However, my UWM intramural record stands as thus for 2006-2007:

Co-Ed Fall Fisted FC - 4-1 (Indianapolis Colts-style collapse in the Playoffs to a team we already beat very badly)
Co-Ed Flying High - 3-4, Loss in First Round Playoffs
Men's United - 5-4, 2nd Place (two overtime fuckover games)
Saudi Falcons - 5-1, Champions (overtime Loss)

17 Wins, 10 Losses.

It's going to be better next year. I'm going to hopefully join forces with the Saudis in the Sunday league...and if that doesn't work out, I'll stick with Ting and his United. I'm not sure if I'll play on Flying High again...if I do, I'm going to need to be more assertive, and at the same time, more easygoing. I might just reform Fisted FC, this time better, stronger, with Saudi Power, no matter what Polish says. FC Terrorists my ass.

If not Flying High, then Fisted FC 2.0, Saudi Arabia-America United:
Mohammed the Saudi Goalie

Rachel? (it'd be Wednesday or Thursday nights)
that Kim chick that Mohammed dates

otherwise a resurrection of the old squad could be in order. Either way. It'd almost be unfair how badass we'd be if it was the Saudi-American Alliance. That's not a bad name for it.
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