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Sick four times and no time to drive.

Well then.

It's been since May.

Let's see....

Won the tourny with the Saudi team against the team I hand-picked. That was fun.

Were the Evil Empire in the MSC soccer league and lost the championship on a freak goal in the last minute when I left the field to get some more offense on. The Rebel Alliance, who we had beaten by ridiculous scores twice, celebrated with beers. It was nice for them...a classic sports movie sort of result. They bought us pitchers later. Cheers.

That was summer, though...

Worked for the Parks again...led the wonderful little Sesame Street crew...Jenna (bisexual), Xiong (Hmong), Matt (deaf...pothead...wee!) and oh my god, did I really forget his name? Well, he was black. And big. And into anime...which was a frequent topic we all shared (except Jenna, who just shook her head) Good stuff. I think it was Jamel or something. I can't believe I forgot his name; this confirms I'm an ass. We were a fucking sweet group...mouse babies and snake fences and flooding and all sorts of shit.

Less of a focus on invasives, but hey, it's fun to be in charge.

Soccer less so, wanted to meet people and make friends and get a girl...joined MNSC, and fell in love with it (yay), and made lots of friends and did only one out of three Free Markets (Fargo, yo!) and had a sweet time...hooked up with and am still with Heidi C. Heimerl...that's fun.

Soccer again in the fall while I almost dropped out...and then turned into a teaching machine, and worked harder than I've ever worked in my life...and lo, I am a teacher.

For real, mang.

Victory School, K-8, 7th grade. Ms. Uszler's class. Mr. Pockat is my name. or Mr. Bobcat. Or Mr. Anderson. Or Mr. Poh-kit. 29 kids. 13 Hispanic (11 Native Spanish speakers), 8 black, 1 African (Liberia, voodoo scars, Charles Taylor personally destroyed the life of), 1 Palestinian, 1 Indian (Kerala, Christian, Malayalam, sarcastic...lent my Ramayana), 2 Filipino (they assume I know the swearwords and won't say 'em cuz I know some honorifics and know the food...heh, sweet shit), 1 Laotian and 4 white kids. A tiny little world, a community, a family. Badass. 5 languages.

1 month left.

Sick three times this fall so far...right now. Stress and 29 disease factories. Yuck.

I graduated last Sunday. But I'm still in school.

I need a job.

I got another second place UWM Men's Intramural Soccer League finish. With the Royal Team (Saudi Arabians) this time. We beat United twice in a row. How about that for a trade-up?

Vincent is my roommate now. Frenchie from Paris. Everybody says we're brothers. It's a good time. Fun family wants to keep him. Plays Starcraft, talks shit, drinks like a fish and is a polite guy with good stories and a positive attitude.

Hang out with mostly Heidi, Danielle and Vincent...when I hang out, which has been rare because I'm a lesson-planning and teaching machine who goes to bed by 10 pm.

And doesn't fall asleep til 2.

The Packers are 12-3.

I saw a coyote in the city.

I tried to kill some deer, but really sucked at it.

I applied for Japan.

I learned Kata and Hira fluently and then forget it as student teaching wore on. All the kanji is gone but Watashi wa, Nihongo and Nihon. Sad.

Yahaira spent three days of last week jokingly trying to get me to adopt her. Moderately disturbing...I had mentioned to Heidi before that if I could have a daughter, I'd have Yahaira as one (and hope my daughter has some of her qualities) Weird. Had to stop that from being brought up...kinda strange.

With that thought in mind, I hope my sons someday are as funny and energetic and good-hearted and curious as Marcus or Tawian. Or as altogether badass as Brady (Marcus is the animal-obsessed, chitterlings-craving half-and-half squirt with the size 9 puppy feet and the endless curiosity...but needs improvement in his behavior...and Tawian is the dark-as-night, head shaved with designs carved super-jive-talking big-hearted dynamo who is as genuine as genuine gets...Brady is big, Filipino, polite, kind and way into anime and still classy and chill as hell...who doesn't love Brady? He's basically Mark Vitor, only less a ladies man and into hardcore music...oh, and Half-Chinese)

A lot of people say that teaching is the best birth control...not my class. I hope that when I teach, I can make a classroom as warm and family-ish as ours is...Ms. Uszler, while at first I thought she was crazy and a we're partners in crime in the class, and I definitely have a lot of affection and respect for her, my mentor. She's energetic, passionate and over-the-top emotionally, but she cares for her students more than anything else in the world...and has taught me a lot. I have the stuff you can't learn (energy, passion, creativity, charisma, flow, adaptability, curiosity), but now I've seen how to create a family, how to create structure and how to manage.

It shall be so.

Spanish and Japanese.

Costa Rica?

Elume still runs strong.

Eve rocks.

I brought in Vincent to speak about France and my mom to teach hula hooping.

And now Heidi is doing it, too.

I need more music, more art, more exercise, more soccer and to read some of these damn books I keep piling on.

Starting with Sartre and Islam.

Dancing is something I do now publicly.

At benefit shows or at my house.

We gots the music.

Now we need the costumes.

New Year's Eve.


Yes indeed.

Life is good.

I really need to get into shape, though.


And grow my hair a little longer.
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