Rocco the Pirate (ghostofhithlum) wrote,
Rocco the Pirate

6 years and my brain is turning to mush. Gotta start keeping track of things.

Friday had my usual two classes...Inui is a bizarre frog lady, second period was text as usual but me forgetting we hadn't finished some stuff (Communication - Reading Explorer, Chapter Two, Who Gives a Fuck About Extreme Sports.) Shinohara requested I come in at fourth period to do my Communication stuff with class 8, cuz Thursday was a random rain keihou (and it was actually a really nice day...tree limb down at school, though, so, uh, I guess worthy of a keihou?) so I burned through my upper body workout and snuck into class. I had my standard Gatsby body wipe shower, and I smelled pretty strong, so Mako Kawabata was like OMG WTF BODY STUFF SMELL and covered her face. I was messing around, and she happened to mention that her father uses the same stuff. Turns out he's 41. Huh. Feel old.

Friday night rain, beers, CRAZY wind and rain, lots of losing on Tanks (it's a downturn, play purple, lose. play potato, lose. whatevs.) Saturday sleep forever, lazy, loving, lunch, long ass nap with Sachi, up again, bath cuz of massive DOMS, Italian restaurant (raining again.) Olive moriawase, nama hamu moriawase...both probably from Life lol. Oil boiled seafood bowl and baguettes, pasta comes...her with the carbonara with yuzu koshou, chicken and mushrooms, me with bacon and spinach. Decent. Sangria...likely from a bottle. Not bad. Two glasses. Bike home, ladies in fluffy flower skirts and other basic bitch patterns getting out of Orikkusu concert joint, see people at Rock Star, women looking 100% right, tall and in expensive dresses, out to kill, or at least meet some rich boys. Grocery store, yellow watermelon and 0 calorie jelly thingies with coconut junk, home. More tank losses, still playing blue. Correcting papers a bit, mulling around about how my memories are fading...can't remember Milwaukee that well, even. Last three years at Mukojo a blur. Time to start putting this crap back on...uh...electrons?

Homework I'm correcting was way too difficult for the new Ko Ichi, but about memories...Sachi confirmed East Asian memory lateness (their focus on family, community and society puts less emphasis on individual) as hers is from 5 years oldish. Mine are from two or three (Neenah...burning hand on stove, on Hechinger, cookies from the neighbors, the opossum, the house and little building, general neighborhood feeling.) Maori earliest at two cuz of oral history traditions and personal history focus, Euro-American three or four cuz of personal focus.

Rainy still...night creeping up. Up to 82.5 7 times on bench. Stomach still big. Gotta cut harder, but wanna eat too much. Bulk went too well lol.

Home in three weeks.
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